Can You Get Tapeworm From Eating Bacon?

A Florida man who had migraines all the time was found to have tapeworm eggs growing in his brain, according to a report in the American Journal of Case Reports. “It is historically very unusual to encounter infected pork in the United States,” researchers wrote. “Our case may have public health implications. “. Bacon is … Read more

Does Bacon Have Tyramine? A Guide to Tyramine in Foods

As someone who suffers from frequent headaches and migraines, I often have to watch my intake of a substance called tyramine. Tyramine is an amino acid that’s naturally present in many foods due to the breakdown of protein during aging and fermentation. It has the ability to trigger headaches in sensitive individuals. But does bacon … Read more

Is Boiling Bacon Actually Healthy?

Ah, bacon: a crispy, savory delicacy we can’t get enough of. The best way to cook it has been debated for a long time by foodies. We’re sure it’s the best breakfast meat of all them. Pan-frying is the old-school way to cook a few strips. You don’t have to watch it closely while it … Read more

How Bacon is Cooked in a Commercial Kitchen

Bacon is a breakfast staple loved by many. The sizzling, savory bacon strips complete a hearty breakfast plate. While cooking bacon at home is relatively simple, it requires a bit more thought and technique when cooking for a commercial kitchen. So how exactly is everyone’s favorite pork belly treat prepared for the masses? Let’s explore … Read more

Does Cooking Bacon in the Oven Splatter?

Bacon is a breakfast staple in many households. The salty, savory meat pairs perfectly with eggs, pancakes, waffles, and more. However, cooking bacon on the stovetop can be messy and splattery. Grease pops everywhere, coating your stovetop, backsplash, and clothes in little grease spots. Oven-baking bacon is growing in popularity as an alternative. But does … Read more