is bacon bad for a diabetic

Its important to eat a healthy diet when you have type 1 diabetes. That doesnt mean you cant enjoy tasty food, including some of your favorites. With type 1 diabetes, your body stops making insulin. So you take insulin every day either through shots or a pump. It’s also key to track your blood sugar … Read more

Can You Eat Bacon and Sausage on the Keto Diet?

Oh bacon, you insanely tasty treat, ready to be devoured at all times of the day. If you’ve heard of the keto diet and are wondering, “Is bacon keto?” before you decide to follow it, we support and admire you. This is a big decision for most people. Let’s take a closer look at the … Read more

How to Blanch Bacon for Improved Texture and Flavor

Blanching is a technique commonly used for vegetables to briefly cook them in boiling water. But did you know you can also blanch bacon? This method helps reduce saltiness mellow smoky flavors, and improves the texture of the bacon before cooking it as normal. While blanching bacon may seem counterintuitive, it offers several advantages. In … Read more