What Herbs Go Well with Bacon? 12 Tasty Herb and Bacon Pairings

It’s really easy to make these White Beans with Bacon and Herbs. They are rich and savory, comforting, full of flavor, and really tasty. Perfect as a side or a meal on its own.

Bacon is beloved for its smoky, salty, umami flavor that enhances everything it touches. But did you know pairing bacon with fresh herbs can take its taste to new heights? The right herbs complement bacon’s profile beautifully. Here’s an in-depth look at the best herb and bacon combinations to try.

Why Bacon and Herbs Work Well Together

Before getting into specific pairings, let’s look at why bacon and herbs make such great partners in crime.

  • Flavor contrast: Herbs offer fresh, aromatic qualities that balance the rich fattiness of bacon.

  • Enhanced umami Bacon and many herbs contain natural glutamates that boost savory umami flavor when combined

  • Texture contrast Crisp bacon and soft tender herbs create an appealing textural interplay.

  • Visual appeal: The green of fresh herbs brightly offsets the reddish-brown hue of bacon.

  • Versatility: Bacon and herbs spice up everything from breakfast to salads to elegant entrees.

  • Easy to use: Fresh herbs and precooked bacon are both easy to incorporate into recipes.

Now let’s explore some winning herb and bacon duos with tips on using them in your cooking.

1. Thyme and Bacon

Woodsy thyme has an affinity for pork. When paired with bacon, it brings out savory depth. Use it in:

  • Quiches, frittatas, and omelets
  • Soups and chowders
  • Stews, especially bean or lentil
  • Roasted vegetables
  • Stuffings and dressings
  • Pasta, gnocchi, and potato dishes

2. Sage and Bacon

Earthy sage highlights the smokiness of bacon. It shines in:

  • Breakfast sausage mixes
  • Traditional stuffing and dressing
  • Pasta carbonara
  • Creamy potato dishes
  • Hearty bean stews
  • Roasted fall vegetables
  • Savory bread puddings

3. Rosemary and Bacon

The robust pine flavor of rosemary stands up well to bacon. Ideal in:

  • Roasted potatoes, Brussels sprouts, and other veggies
  • Beans, lentils, and soups
  • Flatbreads, focaccia, and pizza
  • Pasta, frittatas, and quiches
  • Marinades and rubs for meat
  • Compound butters for seafood

4. Oregano and Bacon

Zesty oregano pairs perfectly with bacon in Italian dishes like:

  • Pasta sauces, pizza, baked ziti
  • Bruschetta and flatbread toppings
  • White beans and baked bean recipes
  • Hearty soups and chowders
  • Roasted potato wedges
  • Egg bakes and frittatas

5. Basil and Bacon

Sweet basil balances salty bacon beautifully. Use it in:

  • Pasta dishes, pizza, baked ziti
  • Omelets, frittatas, and quiche
  • Salads featuring melon, tomato, or chicken
  • Soups like minestrone or Tuscan bean
  • Bruschetta
  • Summer squash or zucchini sautés

6. Tarragon and Bacon

Licorice-y tarragon adds flair to bacon in dishes like:

  • Roasted asparagus or green beans
  • Potato and leek soup
  • Chicken or fish entrees
  • Greens like spinach or arugula
  • Egg-based meals
  • Quick pan sauces for pork or trout

7. Dill and Bacon

Bright dill perks up bacon. Use in:

  • Potato, egg, and salmon salads
  • Cucumber yogurt dip
  • Creamy chilled summer soups
  • Potatoes, beets, carrots, and green beans
  • Pan-fried fish or trout
  • Omelets and scrambled eggs

8. Parsley and Bacon

Fresh parsley cuts the saltiness of bacon for balance. Excellent in:

  • Fried rice, grains, farro, and tabbouleh
  • Halved roasted potatoes
  • Hearty soups and chowders
  • Lentils and bean dishes
  • Fresh summer pasta salads
  • Creamy potato salad

9. Cilantro and Bacon

Cilantro counters bacon’s richness. Shine in:

  • Tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and quesadillas
  • Southwest-style omelets or hash
  • Chili, posole, and barbecue
  • Mexican-style soups and stews
  • Guacamole and salsas
  • Fried rice or quinoa

10. Chives and Bacon

Delicate chives pair nicely with crispy bacon in:

  • Omelets, scrambled eggs, and quiche
  • Mashed and baked potatoes
  • Salads, slaws, and dressings
  • Dips and spreads
  • Soups like vichyssoise or potato leek
  • Sautéed mushrooms, leeks, or spinach

11. Marjoram and Bacon

Warm marjoram complements smoky bacon in:

  • Bean dishes and soups
  • Tomato sauces and pasta
  • Mushroom recipes
  • Potatoes au gratin and scalloped potatoes
  • Roasted vegetables like carrots, beets, or eggplant
  • Stuffings and meatloaf

12. Mint and Bacon

Cool mint balances the richness of bacon in:

  • Summer bean and pea medleys
  • Pasta and grain salads
  • Roasted veggies like sweet potatoes or peas
  • Wilted spinach salads
  • Watermelon, peach, or melon salads
  • Iced sweet tea, lemonade, or cocktails

Tips for Cooking with Bacon and Herbs

To get the most from these dynamic duos, keep these tips in mind:

  • Use fresh herbs when possible for bright, pronounced flavor.

  • Add more delicate herbs like cilantro, tarragon, and chives at the end of cooking.

  • Heartier herbs like rosemary, thyme, and sage can be cooked with bacon longer.

  • Crumble fully cooked bacon into batters and doughs along with chopped herbs.

  • Reserve some fresh herb leaves for garnish to complement cooked bacon bits.

  • Make quick bacon gremolatas with minced garlic, herbs, and lemon zest.

  • Use herb stems or onions to fry out and flavor bacon drippings.

Now that you’re inspired, it’s time to start cooking up some tasty bacon and herb creations! Browse these winning combinations and see which appeal to your tastebuds.

what herbs go well with bacon

What Can I Serve With White Beans?

This side dish goes well with hearty main dishes, but you can eat it all by itself, I won’t hurt you.

what herbs go well with bacon

This dish will store well in an airtight container in the fridge for 3 – 4 days. Also, these beans freeze well. For 4 to 6 months, put them in a container that won’t let air in or wrap them tightly.

Can I Use Dried Herbs?

For this recipe, you can definitely use dried herbs instead of fresh ones if you want to use them up. Just remember that 1 tablespoon of fresh herbs is equal to 1 teaspoon of dried herbs, so don’t add too many!

White Beans with Bacon and Herbs

What herbs go well with bacon?

Another herb that goes well with bacon is dill. It might not be the first herb you think of when you’re thinking of things to pair with bacon, but dill has an unexpected tanginess to it that complements the saltiness of bacon and provides a nice counterbalance to the fat in this meat. 7. Parsley: A Little Freshness Goes A Long Way

What goes well with bacon?

Now that we’ve established that bacon pairs well with sweet things, let’s move on to something that is both sweet and acidic. Balsamic vinegar is an excellent complement to bacon’s rich saltiness, especially when combined with brown sugar in a sticky glaze. Preparation is easy.

What herbs should I use for bacon chicken?

Best to use are fresh or frozen herbs, dried parsley and basil are not great. For the potatoes, rosemary and thyme are a great choice. Either fresh or dried is fine. Alternative herbs for the bacon chicken would be fresh thyme, sage, or tarragon. Start with the potatoes as they will need more time in the oven than the meat.

What seasoning goes well with bacon?

For a more savory twist, try adding a dash of soy sauce or Worcestershire sauce, which enhance the umami notes of the bacon. Whether you prefer the classic simplicity of salt and pepper or the exotic allure of spices and herbs, the perfect seasoning will transform your bacon into an unforgettable culinary experience.

Which Sage goes well with bacon?

Sage has more delicate flavor notes than either rosemary or thyme, but it still has a strong enough profile to work well with bacon. It has notes of pine and citrus, which will complement the smokiness of the bacon well. Still looking for options? Then keep scrolling! 1. Rosemary: A Touch Of Piney Notes Rosemary has a strong piney flavor and aroma.

What essential oil goes with bacon?

Lavender is one of the best essential oils to help you sleep and relax, so it makes sense that it would be used to make everything smell nice. It pairs perfectly with bacon, which has a distinct flavor due to its fat content. 9. Savory: For When You Want Your Bacon To Be Herbier Than It Is Meaty No herb is more savory than savory itself.

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