Is Peameal Bacon Precooked? Getting to Know this Canadian Breakfast Staple

American people think of Canadian bacon as being more like ham than regular bacon (via Kitchn). Its cut from a cured pork loin, which may or may not have been smoked. Canadian bacon is leaner than strip bacon, which comes from the fattier pork belly. Because Canadian bacon slices are round, they are the right size and shape for an egg Benedict or a breakfast sandwich.

Most Americans have never heard of peameal bacon, but we know about Canadian bacon. This is something that needs to be fixed. Canada has a long history of raising, processing, and curing pork. In fact, Food Network says that in the early 1900s, Toronto was home to the biggest pork plant in the whole British Empire. The plant, which was owned by William Davies, killed and processed about 500,000 pigs every year. It sent pork and bacon to the empire, which is why Toronto is known as “Hogtown.” Oola says that peameal bacon has been around since the early 1900s, and Davies is said to have created this tasty breakfast staple that is now common in Canadian homes.

As an American who recently took a trip up north, I fell in love with many quintessentially Canadian foods. Poutine, butter tarts, nanaimo bars…the list goes on! But one particular breakfast meat caught me by surprise – peameal bacon. At first glance it looks like a lean, cornmeal-coated Canadian version of ham. But does it require cooking like bacon, or is peameal bacon precooked and ready to eat? I decided to dig into the details of this unique Canadian pork product to solve the mystery.

What Exactly is Peameal Bacon?

First, for anyone unfamiliar with it, peameal bacon is a wet-cured pork loin product that originated in Canada It goes by a few different names like back bacon or Canadian bacon, but should not be confused with the thinly sliced pork breakfast meat that Americans refer to as Canadian bacon

Authentic peameal bacon is made by trimming the fat from pork loin, curing it with a brine, and rolling the loin in cornmeal (traditionally crushed yellow peas) to form a crust. Here’s a quick overview of how traditional peameal bacon is produced:

  • Pork loins are trimmed of excess fat

  • The loin is cured for 7-10 days in a wet brine of water, salt, sugar, spices, and preservatives.

  • The brining process flavors and tenderizes the pork.

  • It is then rolled in cornmeal to give it its signature crust

  • Finally, it is sliced and packaged for sale.

Now that we understand how true Canadian peameal bacon is made, let’s get to the pressing question…

Does Peameal Bacon Require Cooking?

While the curing and brining process preserves the pork and adds flavor, peameal bacon is not fully cooked when it arrives at the grocery store. The bacon must be cooked before eating it for food safety reasons.

However, since it is cured rather than raw, peameal bacon typically requires less cooking time compared to uncured pork. The brining gives it a cooked appearance while still maintaining a juicy texture. But full cooking is still necessary.

Here are some tips for properly cooking peameal bacon:

  • It can be cooked in a skillet on the stovetop or baked in the oven. Pan-frying is traditional.

  • Cook over medium heat for approximately 5-7 minutes per side until browned.

  • Bake at 400°F for 10-12 minutes per side.

  • Slice thickness will impact required cook times. Thinner slices may only need 3-4 minutes per side.

  • Aim for an internal temperature of at least 145°F.

  • Avoid overcooking, as it can dry out.

How to Enjoy Peameal Bacon’s Unique Flavor

Once cooked, peameal bacon offers a delicious flavor and texture:

  • The cornmeal crust provides great crunch and texture contrast.

  • The brining keeps it tender and juicy compared to bacon.

  • It has a milder, ham-like flavor since it uses the pork loin rather than fatty belly.

  • A touch of sweetness balances the salty brine.

For the optimal peameal bacon experience, cook it until just lightly crispy and golden brown. It makes a fantastic addition to classic Canadian breakfasts, sandwiches, pizzas, salads, or even by itself as a snack.

Peameal Bacon – A Canadian Original

I’m thrilled to have discovered this Canadian specialty on my trip. The iconic cornmeal crust and tender cured loin resulted in a deliciously memorable eating experience I look forward to repeating soon. So next time you’re looking for a leaner bacon alternative, give peameal bacon a try and taste Canada’s Pork Loin pride and joy. Just don’t forget that necessary final cooking step before taking your first bite!

is peameal bacon precooked

What is peameal bacon?

Like regular Canadian bacon, peameal bacon comes from the pork loin (via Atlas Obscura). The pork loin is brined or cured and then rolled in cornmeal. This helps the cured pork loin stay dry and last longer. The name comes from the time when cured pork loin was rolled in ground dried peas instead of cornmeal, which is what it is done with now. North Country Smokehouse, located in New Hampshire, sells and ships their peameal bacon for U. S. consumers whod like to try it for themselves. It is said that the peameal bacon is “a center-cut pork loin soaked in our famous maple brine and rolled in cornmeal.” “.

Peameal bacon isnt typically smoked and before the pork loin is cured, its carefully trimmed, which Atlas Obscura explains makes the thinly sliced breakfast meat juicy and tender when its cooked, rather than crisp, like traditional strip bacon. And peameal bacon must be cooked before serving, according to Food Network, which recommends griddling the peameal bacon, noting that the pork can also be cooked by baking, barbecuing, or roasting.

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How do you know if peameal bacon is cooked?

The best way to tell if peameal bacon is cooked is by checking its internal temperature. The ideal temperature for cooked peameal bacon is 165 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use a meat thermometer to check the temperature of the meat. If you don’t have a meat thermometer, you can also check the color and texture of the meat.

Does peameal bacon need to be cooked?

And peameal bacon must be cooked before serving, according to Food Network, which recommends griddling the peameal bacon, noting that the pork can also be cooked by baking, barbecuing, or roasting. How does peameal bacon stack up nutritionally?

Is peameal bacon smoked?

Peameal bacon isn’t typically smoked and before the pork loin is cured, it’s carefully trimmed, which Atlas Obscura explains makes the thinly sliced breakfast meat juicy and tender when it’s cooked, rather than crisp, like traditional strip bacon.

What is peameal bacon?

Peameal bacon (also known as cornmeal bacon) is a wet-cured, unsmoked back bacon made from trimmed lean boneless pork loin rolled in cornmeal. It is found mainly in Ontario. Toronto pork packer William Davies, who moved to Canada from England in 1854, is credited with its development.

What does peameal bacon look like?

If it looks dry or has a grayish color, it may not be fully cooked. Peameal bacon is a type of bacon made from boneless pork loin that has been wet-cured and rolled in cornmeal. It is a popular breakfast meat in Canada, especially in the province of Ontario.

Is peameal bacon the same as Canadian bacon?

While the U.S. associates Canada with Canadian bacon, there is another savory, tender, Canadian-famous pork product that is beloved throughout the northern country: peameal bacon. Peameal bacon is made from a pork loin, whereas most normal bacon is created using meat from the belly of the pig.

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