Where to Buy Bacon Fat in the UK for Cooking

Bacon fat is liquid gold for cooking. The rendered fat left over from frying or baking bacon imparts incredible flavor, richness and depth to all kinds of dishes. Many seasoned cooks save bacon drippings to use for sautéing veggies, searing meats or adding a smoky note to soups and stews.

But what if you don’t always have homemade bacon fat on hand? Is there anywhere to buy ready-made bacon fat in the UK?

In this guide, I’ll cover where you can purchase packaged or bottled bacon fat from specialty retailers and online stores I’ll also explain how to render and save your own bacon fat at home Then you’ll always have this versatile cooking fat ready to take dishes to the next level!

Why Cook with Bacon Fat?

Before diving into where to buy it, let’s first cover why bacon fat is so prized by cooks:

  • Adds rich flavor – The smoky, salty, umami taste of bacon fat enhances everything it touches.

  • High smoke point – Bacon fat remains stable at high heat for searing or frying

  • ** Adds moisture** – The fat keeps foods juicy and tender during cooking.

  • Versatile – Use for sautéing veggies, roasting potatoes, cooking eggs, baking, and more.

  • Economical – Takes advantage of a free byproduct from cooking bacon.

Cooking with bacon fat is an easy way to ramp up flavor in all kinds of savory dishes. Having a stash on hand gives your cooking a secret weapon.

Where to Buy Bacon Fat in the UK

You have a few different options for buying pre-made bacon fat in the UK:

Online Butchers and Specialty Shops

Check out sites like:

  • Alternative Meats – Sells cubes of Mangalitza bacon fat.

  • Farmer’s Choice – Offers 500g tubs of outdoor bred pork lard.

  • Cobble Lane – Sells 200g jars of clarified pork lard.

  • South Devon Chilli Farm – Bottles infused bacon fats in flavors like garlic and chilli.

  • Fortnum & Mason – Stocks 200g jars of smoked bacon drippings.

Many artisanal butchers and farms offer bacon fat for sale on their sites. Browse and find one with flavors you like.

Online Grocers

Some UK supermarkets sell it too:

  • Ocado – Stocks 200g jars of St Ewe’s clarified bacon fat.

  • Morrisons – Sells 270g tubs of bacon dripping online.

You can add it to an online grocery order.

Specialty Food Shops

Check shops in your area like:

  • Butchers and delis

  • Farmers markets

  • International grocers

Look for bacon fat sold in jars, cubes, or tubs near where oils, lard, and other cooking fats are shelved. You may find artisanal versions from local producers.

Make Your Own Homemade

When a recipe calls for just a bit of bacon fat, your best bet is to save and render your own homemade bacon drippings to keep stocked. Here’s how:

  • Cook bacon on a baking sheet lined with foil.

  • Pour hot drippings into a heatproof bowl through a mesh strainer.

  • Let cool then refrigerate in an airtight container.

  • Use within 1 month.

Now that you know the best places to buy pre-made bacon fat and how to render your own, you’ll never run out of this flavor powerhouse fat for cooking!

Cooking Uses for Bacon Fat

Bacon fat can be used in sweet or savory cooking applications. Here are some of the most popular ways to cook with it:

  • Sauté vegetables – Fry up greens, Brussels sprouts, onions, etc in bacon fat.

  • Roast potatoes – Toss potato wedges with bacon fat before roasting.

  • Cook eggs – Fry, scramble, or bake eggs in bacon drippings.

  • Sear meats – Brown beef, pork, chicken in bacon fat for flavor.

  • Make baked goods – Add to biscuit, scone, or pie dough recipes.

  • Toss with pasta – Mix crisp bacon fat into hot cooked pasta.

  • Flavor soups or beans – Stir into veggie, bean, or potato soups.

  • Pop popcorn – Popcorn popped in bacon fat is irresistible!

The smoky notes pair well with both sweet and savory recipes. Try baking bacon fat into your favorite cookie recipe too.

Tips for Cooking with Bacon Fat

Keep these tips in mind when cooking with bacon drippings:

  • Store in an airtight jar in the fridge up to 1 month.

  • Warm to liquid state before using if chilled.

  • Add just a spoonful to start for intense flavor.

  • Opt for uncured bacon fat for higher smoke point.

  • Mix with oils to cut richness if desired.

  • Use cheesecloth to clarify by removing solid bits.

  • Make and freeze bacon fat cubes for easy portioning.

Bacon fat is endlessly versatile in cooking. Keep some in your fridge or freezer and you’ll find more ways to incorporate its signature flavors into meals.

FAQs About Buying Bacon Fat

Here are answers to some common questions about purchasing and cooking with bacon fat:

Is bacon fat healthy?

It’s high in saturated fat so limit how much you eat. But it contains healthy monounsaturated fats too.

Is bacon fat better than olive oil?

It has a higher smoke point so better for high heat cooking. But olive oil has more healthy fats. Use both!

Does bacon fat go bad?

It can spoil after 1-2 months. To extend shelf life, refrigerate and look for preservatives in ingredients when buying.

Should you throw out bacon grease?

No way! Strain then save it for cooking. The flavor is too good to waste.

Can you use bacon fat instead of oil?

Yes, bacon fat can replace oils, butter or lard in most recipes. The flavor will come through intensely so use less.

Frequently Fry and Bake Up Bacon

Having a supply of flavorful bacon fat on hand can take your cooking to new heights. Try buying some pre-made or render your own homemade drippings. Then experiment with using it to cook veggies, sear meats, bake treats and more. You’ll find the possibilities are endless with this smoky golden fat!

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